Me & my way beautiful, way talented wife - Joy.

Me & my way beautiful, way talented wife - Joy.


I’m Will, and the fact that you’re reading this means you’re a curious little kitty. I like that about you already. So let me see if I can tell you something about little ol’ me that hasn’t already been a cover story for the National Inquirer.

I grew up in the part of the South where people talk like there’s molasses comin’ out of their mouths, but I never took much to that bayou-lovin’ lifestyle. Mostly because I’m not a big fan of mosquitos, banjos, and stanky mud, but also because I had my sights set a little higher than the majority of my fellow molasses-mouthed companions at that time.

Throughout my time as a resident South Carolina Gamecock, I put food on my proverbial table by spinnin’ the wheels of steel at any event I could. So whether it was a bar mitzvah, a christening, a bris, a tailgate party, or a civil war reenactment, if it needed music, I was there. Slaying.

This season taught me a lot about sunscreen, solo cups, and life, but also got me comfortable making things with computers.

Shortly thereafter my barbecue-sauce-drenched hands reached way out of my league and returned with my now wife Joy. That may seem oversimplified because it is, and really all you need to know is that we are even more made for each other than macaroni and cheese.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself, “why am I still reading this?” Excellent question.

It might be because you’re interested in partnering with a freelance animator, designer, and director for your next creative project. If so, you’ve come to the right place and this meandering journey of learning has been worth it.

However, maybe you just need someone to sit across the table from while you eat chow on some beef brisket or pulled pork. I get that.

Either way, let’s chat. I’d love to see what we can create together, even if it is just a pile of post-feast napkins because we forgot to get Wet-Naps®.